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ROSY is a product of Floydware, LLC, a Glen Ellyn, Illinois, based company that provides salon and spa management software.


Rosy software provides useful and well-organized features for salon and spa management. They offer their product in four versions: Rosy Salon Booth, Rosy Spa Booth, Rosy Salon, and Rosy Spa. Online booking is listed as optional with a link to your Web site. Both the salon and clients can view the client’s activity and profile from this interface. The company offers a brief free demo with helpful popups and then you can explore the software on your own. A free 30-day trial is also offered. The company offers a free consultation and can lead you through a tour of the software. As a web-based program, there is data protection and they make free updates available. The company provides up to 2 hrs. of initial setup assistance and the same for training. Unlimited phone support is provided. The also have a “suggestive selling” feature at checkout, based on a client’s past product buying history or profile. As of Dec. 2010, the $300 one-time setup fee is being waived. Prices start at $29 per month for a single service provider; $59 monthly for 4; a $69 monthly cost for 5-10 service providers; and for 11 to over 20 service providers the cost ranges from $79-$99 per month. The company offers a full refund of the monthly service fee if you decide to cancel Rosy within 90 days from the initiation of your service.


Users can decide for themselves the ease and smoothness of navigation and drag & drop in such features as the Appointment Book. Appointment reminders to clients not automatic. They have a preferred provider for integrated credit card processing and hardware and one must do their own due diligence on the competitiveness of the fee structure and costs for this essential part of your business. Some accounting, reports, and payroll features of other systems are more robust.


Rosy is a very good salon and spa management software, and Web based for more security in data protection. It has many fine features and like many of the software programs, they can get the job done for you. So it comes down to overall price for software, hardware, partners, overall features, extras, and your own personal comfort level in working with a program.

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