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MIND BODY, Inc. is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, and officially began operations in 2001. It is a diversified management software provider serving the health, beauty, and wellness industries and is an industry leader in yoga and Pilates with applications also for dance, martial arts, personal training centers and more. Its acquisition of ClientMagic in 2010 helped solidify its presence and expertise with hair, nail, and skin salons.


Software has it all and hardware is available ala carte or in money-saving bundles, such as a credit card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer scanner and label printer for $909 plus shipping and applicable sales tax (CA residents only). The company prides itself on training and customer support. Monthly fee is based on number of users and locations, but provides for unlimited workstations within the same location.


One-time Setup fees can range from $0 to $850, depending on number of professionals at a location. Software usage fees can range from $85 per month for 6-12 professionals; $105 per month (with a one-time $750 setup fee) for 13-20 professionals; and $155 per month (with one-time $850 setup fee) for 25-50 professionals. Additional locations incur the same per month cost. Online Demo does not have POS, point-of-sale, to manipulate (actual system has it), and requires a merchant account for credit card processing. There is a strict No Refund Policy. Refunds are available only on a prorated basis by notifying the company in writing anytime during a Free 30-day Evaluation or within 30 days after signing. Otherwise, the contract obligation period is in effect for one year. For lapses in payment and to get reinstated there is a $150 reactivation fee.


One among the very fine salon software management programs with many pluses and fine customer support; but you better be sure this is the right software for your operation and that you can be comfortable with it in the face of their strict No Refund policy.

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