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ENVISION (Ennoview, Inc.) is an Orlando, Florida, based company and a provider of software specialized to the salon and spa industries.


A well organized program that is easy to navigate with many fine features and unlimited and free Web-based training videos. 30-day money back guarantee on Standard and Pro software editions. (Hardware, such as credit card reader, thermal receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, etc., is available for separate purchase, is Non-Refundable and is warranted by their respective manufacturer.) A business consultant can give you an over-the-phone software tour. Unlimited e-mail support for any questions.


Software is purchased but there is an optional and tiered monthly fee for updates and live support. 2-way SMS text messaging is a great feature—but at additional cost; online booking is a great feature—but at an additional cost. Other “addons” at additional cost: Credit card/debit card processing interface; tanning module; paging interface; Quickbooks interface. Any gift certificates sold online are charged a small monthly percentage. The $1195 price is for one stand alone computer for an unlimited number of employees; $1895 Network edition price provides added features and an additional license for one additional workstation to share same Envision data. Data must be backed up or risk losing if computer crashes or files get corrupted.


Very, very good; it’s all there—but can be a bit pricey. As with any non-Web based software, data must be regularly backed up to an external storage device or else risk losing. Original purchase price can be applied toward more advanced versions of the software.

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